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Need of a Repair or Reline right away ? Get Same-Day Service

Restoring a Like-New Look and Feel


Dentures require ongoing maintenance in order to fit and function properly. If your dentures are broken, cracked, or simply not fitting well anymore due to the normal wear and tear of use. Most repairs and relines can be completed on the same day in our on-site lab. Please contact us to make an appointment for this service.

Learn more about common maintenance procedures below:


Relining is a procedure that improves the fit of your dentures. Sometimes, dentures that once fit perfectly, become loose due to weight loss, bone loss, normal ageing, illness or other factors. In these cases, we can add new base material to the underside of your dentures and restore their like-new fit.


Rebasing is a good choice if the base of your dentures has worn out while the teeth remain in good condition. We will replace the worn base with a new one.


We perform a whole host of denture repairs, including fixing breakages, cracks, chips and more, most within one day.

How Do I Care for My New Dentures?

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