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Dental Realignment Services by Claxton Denturist in Ontario

You can get crooked teeth for several reasons. It can be hereditary, because of an accident, poor oral health as a child and habits like thumb sucking. Irrespective of the cause, crooked teeth do affect your smile. Misaligned teeth are very common and can bother people of all ages. While slightly misaligned teeth do not harm your oral health in any way, a case of overbite or underbite can have a significant impact on your lifestyle. 

There are various techniques that can be used to realign teeth. You can opt for braces or realignment surgery. Dentures can also be used in the process. At our clinic, we provide a free consultation to make you understand your options in a better light. You can book an appointment and meet us at either of our clinics for a thorough examination. If you want that picture-perfect smile, you can get them realigned at Claxton Denture Clinic.

Smile Without Fear

Get the smile you deserve with better long-term results with dental realignment.

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